Why Do Labour Fund This?

This evening I debated on Channel 4 News with a lady from the Refugee and Migrant Forum of East London (RAMFEL). They are based in Ilford and appear to receive funding from three Labour councils, Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Barking & Dagenham.

Yet RAMFEL’s website criticises action to crack down on employers of illegal immigrants, supports a campaign called “Hands Off My Workmate” and describes employers who co-operate with the authorities against illegal immigration as “grasses”.

Do Labour agree with this? If not, why are they helping fund it?


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One response to “Why Do Labour Fund This?

  1. Dear Mark,

    I saw you last night on the news debating the latest attempts to remove illegal immigrants from our country. I wonder why a female Asian lady was produced to argue the point. There are many illegal people in the UK from all over the world, not just Asians from the Middle East or Africa.
    The lady in question was steering the interview with the help of the news interviewer towards certain groups (white Caucasian males) giving the impression that it was white UK Christian Caucasians persecuting Asians and Africans from other parts of the world. If you look at the frame being displayed in the background you will see other nationality’s in the background who are also Immigration officials taking part in the stop and question.

    I read an article in the evening standard Monday evening and wondered if you had read this too.


    The article refers to the lack of religious tolerance in the places Rita Chadra is trying to portray as being victimized by the UK and its Citizens, which of course is nonsense. Nowhere in the world reaches the highest standards of religious and other tolerances as the UK.

    Most UK Citizens (including peoples from Asian, Africans and Afro-Caribbean’s fifties and sixties immigration into the UK) are saying it is to our own demise that we have shown the highest standards of tolerance for the rest of human kind that is now causing us so many problems with social hand-outs.

    All of these are not genuine as they are not in the UK as legal immigrants and they are from the areas that Rita along with the likes of the news interviewer are trying to portray as being targeted by UK Immigration officials.

    I have worked in the Middle East on several occasion and cannot disagree with Mr Shorts experiences, views and knowledge of the Middle East and other parts of the world where there is very little or no religious tolerance at all, including Israel which is as bad if not worse in some cases.

    I would like to see more Kent MP’s taking a stance over illegal immigration and would say once again our only difference of view is the airport, we have to have it as it would remove most off if not all the unemployment in Kent and create a future for our Children which is looking very bleak at this present time.

    Please lose the red tie or at least if you have to wear one lose the pleat in the knot. It’s worn by certain groups to identify themselves.

    Kind Regards


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