Parliamentarian of the Year awards


Mark Reckless was honoured today when he, along with 14 other Members of Parliament, was awarded the title of joint ‘Parliamentarian of the Year’ in The Spectator’s 27th Parliamentarian of the Year Awards.

In a break from tradition, the title this year was awarded jointly to the 15 MPs, described by The Spectator as ‘The Glorious 15’, who went through the ‘No’ lobby in principled and historic opposition to state regulation of our press.

The 15 MPs are:

  1. Richard Bacon
  2. Christopher Chope
  3. Tracey Crouch
  4. Nick de Bois
  5. Philip Davies
  6. Richard Drax
  7. Nigel Mills
  8. Andrew Percy
  9. Mark Reckless
  10. John Redwood
  11. Jacob Rees-Mogg
  12. Andrew Turner
  13. Martin Vickers
  14. Charles Walker
  15. Sarah Wollaston

Mark believes that a free democracy requires a free press to hold politicians to account. This is why Mark voted against statutory underpinning of press regulation and exemplary damages to punish anyone who does not comply, believing that it is better to have a free but flawed press rather than a press which is at the mercy of errant celebrities and their political cronies.



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3 responses to “Parliamentarian of the Year awards

  1. Dr Sanjeev Juneja

    Hearty Congratulations! Goes to show that your conscientious hard work has not gone unnoticed. Proud to have you as our representative.
    Best wishes
    Maria & Sanjeev

  2. Bev Craddock

    Congratulations Mark on your award! You have been recognized for your honesty ,commitment to policies & have proven yourself to be an honorable member who upholds the rights of this country. Well deserved

  3. George Morley

    Yes indeed Mark, well done. Perhaps you can get the other 14 recipients to join you along with Sir Peter Bottomley and Sir Roger Gale, 2 other fine upstanding MP’s, to get the frozen pension policy condemned to the trash where it belongs. You know that it is discriminative and unjustified because you witnessed the Pensions Minister making excuses and ignoring the truth during the scrutiny of the Pensions Bill where he dismissed evidence and upheld the inclusion of clause 20 which any moral, consciencious and reasonable member of Parliament would not entertain because of its unethical position.

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