VIDEO: Backing the Bill for an EU referendum

I’m delighted to be supporting James Wharton’s EU Referendum Bill which will be debated later today in Parliament.

It’s a Bill to give people the first say on Europe since 1975. A referendum to decide once and for all – in or out? Do we want to be part of a closer union in Europe forever more, or do we want to be an independent country, trading with Europe but governing ourselves?

For more information and to show your support for the I Support A Referendum campaign – Click Here


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2 responses to “VIDEO: Backing the Bill for an EU referendum

  1. George Morley

    This is long overdue and we are being suffocated and robbed by remaining. There is a big wide world out there and there is much scope for trade especially with the Commonwealth who the UK seem to have abandoned for no good reason. 53 million GBP is a lot of money and when there is no control over it then there is a problem. When did they have a full audit like Margaret Thatcher called for ? Oh dear – never.

  2. George Morley

    addition to my comment : should have read 53 million GBP per day !

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