60 Seconds With Mark Reckless

Why are you running for Parliament?

Because people in Medway feel overtaxed, ripped off, lied to and taken for granted under this government, and it is time someone stood up for them.

What do you most like about Medway?

The people, and being close both to so much in London and to beautiful countryside, whether the villages of the North Downs or the marshlands of the Hoo Peninsula.

What do you least like about Medway?

Central Chatham is not the destination it used to be and is cut off by the ringroad. We need to open Chatham to the river and attract new investment, particularly a better range of shops.

Where do you like going out locally?

To eat, Mamma Mia, which is run by a lovely family and is the nearest restaurant to where I live on Rochester High Street. For a drink, the Cooper’s Arms on St Margaret’s Street.

Where were you brought up?

South-east London, like so many who have moved down the A2 to the Medway Towns, in my case Eltham.

What do you like on TV?

I must admit to quite enjoying Desperate Housewives, and have a soft spot for Susan, so I am pleased to see she at last seems to have found her man.