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Help get the change people really want by becoming a Member of the Conservative party. As well as helping us get rid of this incompetent Labour Government at the next election, you can help make change happen in your local community now – for example, by joining one of our Social Action projects. As a Member you’ll receive a weekly e-newsletter and access to our new affinity programme.

For just £25 a year (or £5 a year if you are 22 or under), you get to vote for the Party Leader and help choose our candidates for Parliamentary, local government and European elections. You’ll also be invited to attend our party conferences. Becoming a Member is a great way to have your say and help make change happen.

Join Locally

You can join the Conservative party via the Rochester and Strood Conservatives by downloading and completing our application form and returning it to the address on the form with a cheque made payable to ‘R and S CCA’. In return you will receive full party membership, plus you will receive regular updates on exclusive local events which are a great opportunity for making new friends and contacts.

Download Application Form (Word Version) – membership-form

Download Application Form (PDF Version) – membership-form

Join Online

If you prefer to join online using a debit/credit card, you can do so by visiting the main Conservative website here

Data Protection Information

By joining the Party, you are agreeing to receive communications and information from us and, if requested, your local Conservative Association. We will not pass your personal details to third-parties without your explicit consent.

Please note: under the Data Protection Act 1998, returning this form acknowledges that you consent to the information being held on the database. We will only use this information for our own purposes.