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BLOG: Nick Clegg in Paternity Battle

nick_cleggIt will be enormously welcome if George Osborne ends overseas residents’ exemption from capital gains tax in the Autumn Statement. It is, however, preposterous to describe this as “Mr Clegg’s plan” as the Daily Telegraph does on its front page today.

I first publicly pressed the issue of this disgraceful tax loophole left by Labour two years ago, and had the Today programme pick it up and interview me on it. This interview was heard by the Prime Minister, who later that morning highlighted the case I had made at a meeting of the Conservative Parliamentary party.

I followed up again at PMQs last month and I know that in the intervening period Treasury officials have been working to iron out some of the technical difficulties involved in applying capital gains tax to non-residents.

Success has many parents, and of course Nick Clegg claims to have sown his oats widely, but his paternity claim here is simply false. Indeed, one reason I have continued to campaign on this issue is that I thought I might be pushing on an open door, because it is something I have discussed with George Osborne long before the last election and formation of the Coalition.

Clegg claiming credit for others’ work to close tax loopholes now rather reminds me of his performance this time last year on the EU Budget.

While I was garnering support from enough MPs to vote a motion through Parliament to cut the EU Budget, Nick Clegg opined that there was “absolutely no prospect” of a cut in the EU Budget. When the Prime Minister successfully followed through and cut the EU Budget Nick Clegg then claimed this reflected his personal diplomacy and EU network.

Can we believe anything this man says?


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MP welcomes continued fall in unemployment in Rochester and Strood

200241_10150165354751068_5938208_nMark Reckless, MP for Rochester and Strood, has welcomed Office for National Statistics figures which show that unemployment in Rochester and Strood has continued to fall in line with the national trend.

The most recent figures show that the percentage of people claiming Jobseekers Allowance has fallen to 3.5%, down from 4.5% when Mark was elected in May 2010. It is the eighth consecutive month in a row where we have seen a fall in unemployment in Rochester and Strood this year and the first time that the claimant count has fallen below 2,000 since the general election (currently 1,917).

Mark, who opened last month’s Medway Jobs Fair alongside his colleague Tracey Crouch, also welcomed the continuing fall in youth unemployment in the constituency, down from 6.9% in May 2010 to 5.3% which means that there are now 180 more young people in work or training since Mark was elected.

Speaking of the latest ONS data, Mark said:

“It is great news that unemployment continues to fall in Rochester and Strood, in line with the national trend. Unemployment has been falling consistently in recent months and is now a full one percent lower than it was in May 2010 under the last Government.

I am also delighted that youth unemployment in the constituency has fallen by 1.6% to 5.3%, which compares favourably to the national average of 5.6%. I would like to thank everyone at Jobcentre Plus, Medway Council and all of the other local organisations who are working hard to get people off welfare and into training or work.

The most important thing for me is to ensure that my constituents feel the full benefit of the economic recovery, and this fall in unemployment is welcome. There is, however, always more to do and I will continue to work as hard as I possibly can to ensure that we finish the job which we have begun.”

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Welcoming our new baby


I am proud to say that at 12.34pm on Monday 11th November my wife Catriona gave birth to Toby Edward Reckless. He is our second son and a little brother for Jamie.

Toby weighed in at eight pounds five ounces and both mother and baby are doing well. Thank you for all the kind wishes.


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VIDEO: Backing the Bill for an EU referendum

I’m delighted to be supporting James Wharton’s EU Referendum Bill which will be debated later today in Parliament.

It’s a Bill to give people the first say on Europe since 1975. A referendum to decide once and for all – in or out? Do we want to be part of a closer union in Europe forever more, or do we want to be an independent country, trading with Europe but governing ourselves?

For more information and to show your support for the I Support A Referendum campaign – Click Here


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Parliamentarian of the Year awards


Mark Reckless was honoured today when he, along with 14 other Members of Parliament, was awarded the title of joint ‘Parliamentarian of the Year’ in The Spectator’s 27th Parliamentarian of the Year Awards.

In a break from tradition, the title this year was awarded jointly to the 15 MPs, described by The Spectator as ‘The Glorious 15’, who went through the ‘No’ lobby in principled and historic opposition to state regulation of our press.

The 15 MPs are:

  1. Richard Bacon
  2. Christopher Chope
  3. Tracey Crouch
  4. Nick de Bois
  5. Philip Davies
  6. Richard Drax
  7. Nigel Mills
  8. Andrew Percy
  9. Mark Reckless
  10. John Redwood
  11. Jacob Rees-Mogg
  12. Andrew Turner
  13. Martin Vickers
  14. Charles Walker
  15. Sarah Wollaston

Mark believes that a free democracy requires a free press to hold politicians to account. This is why Mark voted against statutory underpinning of press regulation and exemplary damages to punish anyone who does not comply, believing that it is better to have a free but flawed press rather than a press which is at the mercy of errant celebrities and their political cronies.


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VIDEO: MP renews call for tax loophole closure

Mark Reckless, Member of Parliament for Rochester and Strood, took the opportunity during today’s Prime Minister’s Questions to renew his call to end the capital gains tax exemption on property for non-residents.

Speaking after PMQs, Mark said:

“Why should foreigners be able to continue buying and re-selling investment properties in central London, extracting perhaps tens of millions profit, without paying capital gains tax, when UK residents are taxed on capital gains?”


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Mark Reckless MP: Website Survey

In order to ensure Mark Reckless MP continues to deliver the very best access to his local constituents in Rochester and Strood, we are conducting a short online survey regarding Mark’s website and we would really appreciate your response. If you would like to help us with this short survey, please click here:

Mark Reckless website survey – Click Here

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VIDEO: Mark Reckless speaks up for Hoo Peninsula during aviation debate

I was determined to rise to the challenge when the speaking time limit was cut from 7 minutes to 4 minutes in today’s Aviation Strategy Debate. It was almost as if repeated interventions from Bernard Jenkin, described as the only other person mad enough to support Boris’ scheme, were designed to time me out!

Thankfully our excellent Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle managed to get me in to speak (not sure if this meant cutting short Adam Afriye instead).

I was short of breath by the end. However, I hope that years spent living and breathing opposition to an Estuary Airport meant I was able to get in most of the key points.


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Meet Ann Widdecombe

ann_widdecombeAnn Widdecombe is coming to support the Rochester and Strood Constituency Conservative Association on Saturday 9th November 2013.

We would like to extend an invitation to you to reserve one or more places for our evening event. It will be a buffet (with drinks provided) and will be held Chatham from 7.30pm.

Tickets are £20 per person, but as we expect a very high demand for tickets it is necessary for you reserve any places by responding directly by e-mail asap.

Dress is ‘smart casual’ and we may have some live music. We also anticipate that we will have a stock of Ann’s books to hand, which she will be pleased to autograph for any purchaser.

Please respond as soon as possible to this invitation to reserve for the 9th November – click here. 

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VIDEO: Discussing immigration on Daily Politics

Mark Reckless today joined Atul Hatwal, Director of Migration Matters Trust, on BBC’s Daily Politics to discuss the impact which mass immigration has had on the United Kingdom.

Speaking after the show Mark said:

“I know from talking to my constituents that the issue of immigration is one of their top concerns and I welcome the action which this government has taken to cut net inflow to the UK. We remain on course to cut immigration from the 100s of thousands seen under Labour to the 10s of thousands.

I look forward to debating the further proposed measures aimed at limiting immigration this coming Tuesday when the Immigration Bill returns to the House of Commons for its second reading.”

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